Bus Parking 3D

In the parking game Bus Parking 3D, you must park the bus properly while avoiding collisions and while simultaneously gathering funds to purchase additional buses.


To pass each stage, you must park your bus without creating any accidents. In this entertaining online 3D parking game, demonstrate your abilities while attempting to become the bus parking king. Drive through parking lots, avoid other cars, and park securely between the lines as you attempt to complete all 100 levels.

We hand-selected Bus Parking 3D as one of the top online racing games for Games235. One of our all-time favorite racing games for mobile devices is this one. To begin having fun, simply click on the large play button. Check out Extreme Car Parking or Frolic Car Parking for more books like this. Visit our list of the best games of all time to play even more free games.

Popular free online game Bus Parking 3D features outstanding 3D visuals. The objective of the PC game is to develop driving skills. You must obtain documentation attesting to your expert driving abilities. The player must pass an exam for each category since his hero needs to get employment immediately! Simply accomplish 100 objectives in this online game that have to do with parking. Try to leave your bus in a designated spot so you can collect coins.

Release Date

August 2020


Press WASD or arrow keys to drive the bus.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


The game is developed by Famobi

How to play Bus Parking 3D?

A straightforward level-based parking simulator is Bus Parking 3D. You have a timer and the bus's health, and if either runs out, the level is lost. Once the current level is completed, the following levels become accessible. By gathering the in-level coins in your path, you can upgrade to a luxury bus and purchase new buses as well. In this game, there are up to 100 levels.
It is simple to manage yet challenging to master.
NOTE: This game is also available on TopSpeed for mobile devices.

What customizing options are there in this game?

In this game, there are no customizing options, but you can unlock 9 gorgeous buses and drive them around the city in luxury.

About The Game

The game's creator is Famobi. In the market for web games, they are renowned for their lightweight cross-platform games. They are one of the industry leaders in web games, and with this game, they have provided a straightforward but compelling bus parking simulator.

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Bus Parking 3D
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